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Looking for an Agent with a specialty in the Minnetonka Area? Check out our Agents below.

Featured Agents

Beth Andrews

Continuously staying updated on the latest industry developments and adapting to changing market conditions for over 30 years will benefit my clients ... Read More

Beth Hughes Hunt

Beth shines with an unwavering work ethic, surpassing expectations. Her passion for going above and beyond crafts unique, personalized home experience... Read More

Emily Bradley

Honesty, integrity, compassion, and fun define my approach to real estate. I don’t wish to simply meet my client’s needs, but exceed their expecta... Read More

Joe Allen

I’m a high-touch broker with 18 years of experience known for my extensive market knowledge and unmatched devotion to clients with the largest trans... Read More

Thomas E Fleetham

After 22 years of Helping clients/friends purchase, sell and invest in real estate the best part is the relationships that develop and last year after... Read More

Tom Nicklow

Tom is the Broker/Owner of Minnetonka Realty and has been helping his clients Buy/Sell Twin Cities real estate for 35 years. He has a solid reputation... Read More

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